Data Retention

What happens to a client's data and information after they are no longer using Kokomo24/7's services?

Upon expiration or termination of an agreement and otherwise at any time, Kokomo shall:

(a) within thirty (30) days, return to Customer, in a format and media mutually agreed between the Parties, all or any part of the Customer Data; and (b) erase or destroy all or any part of the Customer Data in Kokomo’s possession or control, in each case to the extent so requested by Customer.

In other words,

Kokomo24/7, as a compliance platform, does not make any changes, modifications, or repurpose a client's data and information stored within the platform after services cease. Kokomo will only erase a client's data if they specifically request the data destruction. 

Additionally, we provide each customer with a view-only account where the client's data and historical records can all be accessed without making any new changes or edits to the information.